We Inspire You To Dream About Your Flooring! Beau Monde Fine Floors, Inc. Has You Covered!!!


Established in 1983 and located in Belmont, California, Beau Monde Fine Floors, Inc. has proudly served the Bay Area for over three decades with the most beautiful flooring products available anywhere. The President of the company Michael A. Kazarian is a former second-generation union floor covering installer.

“Beautiful flooring. I highly recommend this company for all your flooring needs.”

“I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of flooring and his immense attention to detail.”

“State of the art quality! A gorgeous addition to any interior style!”

“We just did a large house in new neutral nylon carpet. It turned out beautifully.”

Beau Monde Fine Floors, Inc. offers the most technologically advanced flooring that is environmentally friendly, from planning and design to patterns and colors to project completion, We look forward to seeing you. For the best flooring store in East Bay, CA! Contact us today at (650) 654-7703 or visit our website for more information.


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