Looking For The Best Dessert Shop in East Bay? Think We May Found It For You!


The Smitten team is made of entrepreneurial thinkers, pastry chefs, engineers, and die-hard ice cream lovers. From the get-go, our mission has always been to make ice cream with integrity and spread joy through our scoops. To get there, Smitten founder Robyn Sue Fisher worked with a retired aerospace engineer to design & build the first version of the Brrr®, Smitten’s proprietary contraption that freezes ice cream in about 90 seconds (it’s super cool, literally) and churns perfectly.

“Love this place! Such a cool place and I finally got the blood orange ice cream after trying for three years to taste that flavor.”

“Some state of the art tech which uses liquid nitrogen, the ice creams are very tasty. The young kid with us knocked off one of our ice creams on the floor, and the staff brought us a new one for free.”

“Best ice cream in East Bay! The ice cream is made fresh to order with liquid nitrogen. This creates a creamy and dense ice cream.”

“Delicious ice cream made on the spot!”

“Smitten is my all time favorite ice cream shop. They make their ice cream to order in a liquid nitrogen ice cream churner. Highly recommend.”

Aside from our less-than-conventional method of freezing ice cream, we do things a bit differently than other ice cream shops. Because all of our ice creams is churned-to-order, we can say ‘hell no’ to nasty stabilizers, gums, and other unpronounceable ingredients. In a scoop of Smitten’s Salted Caramel ice cream, you’ll get nothing but California cream, milk & butter, cane sugar, a drop of lemon juice, and a dash of salt. Come and taste our best ice creams in town. Contact us at (415) 863-1518 for more details!


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